Hair is important. It’s our most beautiful, natural accessory and it needs to be treated with respect. We use the best products and latest techniques to keep your hair healthy and in perfect style.

Our treatments are based on three principles:

Our treatments are de-stressing, calming and confidence-boosting. Did you know we also offer shiatsu-massages and make-up workshops?
Well, we do! It’s not only a great gift for yourself but also for that (girl)friend who could use a little bit of TLC. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.

In our salon you’ll experience a down-to-earth and friendly atmosphere. The lounge room downstairs is a great place to relax, do a bit of work (wifi available) or take some internet-downtime and catch up on the latest gossips and trends in the magazines.

We carefully mix high-quality and thoroughly tested ingredients for effective hair-repair treatments, keratin treatments and long-lasting, oh so natural looking colours. We do rainbow colours too if that’s what you love! Whatever you want, the sky’s the limit. Get shampoo-ed up and conditioned-down with amazingly soft, herbal and natural products. When available, we choose products with loads of natural ingredients and little chemicals, simply because that’s better for all of us. In Summer 2015 we introduced a new natural brand in our salon: Nook.

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