At Devils & Angels we want to give you the experience of a life-time when it comes to hair. Tell us what you want and we’ll help you achieve it (well, within certain limits).

You might be surprised to see what great hair can do for you and your mood (and someone else’s, as we’ve heard). Whether you’d go for extensions, a new colour or a new cut, we’ll make sure you’ll walk out with a style that totally suits you. A good haircut or treatment is money well-spent: it miraculously lifts you up, boosts your confidence and makes you feel like a million-bucks.

Trends in hair move fast, very fast. Well, we like moving fast too. To stay updated we study, practise and attend (international) workshops. This keeps us up to speed with the current techniques and product categories. We also design new hair styles ourselves and experiment with colours. We know how to make trend styles work for you. We don’t simply ‘copy and paste’ the latest celebrity-hairdo; we’ll tweak it and work it to make it match perfectly with your personality.

Speaking of perfect matches; our clients tell us (almost) everything. That’s how we role at Devils & Angels. Needless to say that whatever’s being discussed at Devils & Angels stays at Devils & Angels, unless…unless you want us to use the information for certain purposes. Let’s just say we know his or her new relationship-status sooner than Facebook.
So, if you’d be up for a little romance in your life, let us know. We love match-making!